The app that gets things done - our favourite OfficeWrx features

August 5, 2014

The OfficeWrx app is quite clearly an app for people who want to get things done - fast and efficiently. It looks good and it works hard.

OfficeWrx allows you to find, edit, share, annotate and print MS office files and PDFs from any source including desktop, email or cloud - then save them in the original format.

But what does all of that really mean? Here's a closer look at our favourite OfficeWrx features:

Saving and accessing documents in cloud services

This means that, if you've saved your documents to Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, you can get your hands on them easily making it ideal if need to see a document during your commute, if you're working away from your desk or BYOD.

Print your documents to wireless printers

OfficeWrx is loaded with thousands of printer drivers and this means that with a couple of clicks on your phone or tablet you can print the document you urgently need for this meeting (but forgot to bring with you). On the face of it, not a very interesting feature but potentially a lifesaver.

Start a new document from a template

You can get to work immediately on your phone or tablet with one of our build-in templates. OfficeWrx comes pre-loaded with useful templates for MS Word documents, PowerPoint and Excel templates.

Insert photos and images into your documents

If you're creating a persuasive presentation or elegant document you can insert images from your gallery (or take a brand new photo) just as effectively as if you were at your desk.

Use colour to bring energy to your document

Highlight text or use bright shades to bring your document to life. Simply highlight the target text, select 'format' then 'background' and choose from 16 shades.

Update and recalculate your spreadsheets as you go

Working with numbers can be frustrating if you need to wait until you're back at your PC for the calculations to update. Excel spreadsheets opened in OfficeWrx will recalculate immediately and update.

Copy, rename and delete files to keep work organised

Use OfficeWrx to access your files and you can manage them any way you need to. You can copy, rename, delete, share and print files from the file explorer feature in the app.

Don't stop working, even if you're offline

If you're going somewhere you can't connect, use OfficeWrx to copy files from your cloud services to your device memory so you can continue to work. Save them back to the cloud or share them when you get online again.

Undo as much of your work as you need

If you make a mistake while working in a document, don't worry, you can undo as many steps as you like, right back to when you opened the document.

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