We set the benchmark in secure mobile communications.

The team that devised the world's most secure and widely shipped mobile technology is now bringing you more ground breaking innovations. That's why you need to talk to us about how our unique technologies can be integrated into your system to bring confidence and efficiency across all platforms.

We have decades of experience in creating innovative solutions to enable better and more productive mobile use for enterprise. Because we understand not only the mobility needs of users but the imperative for keeping data secure, you can trust ENTWRX to deliver.

Our award-winning core technology allows multiplatform streamlined access of the major file types used at work, including those by Microsoft. Combine this with the pioneering development that allows for totally secure interactions and, you'll see, it's a successful combination.

When the ENTWRX team staked its claim on the mobile marketplace back in 1998 with innovations that took the world by storm - and were deployed more than 800 million times - they knew they had a winning formula. That same team has kept sight of the vision to lead and now you can use their experience and solution-driving thinking to create your own winning formula.

Of course, robust and efficient solutions are only part of the story, true satisfaction comes from an added element. Everyone that uses ENTWRX technology, whatever the device, gets a consistently smooth and stylish experience supported by the most comprehensively knowledgeable development team.

Work patterns are constantly changing - as the BYOD trend matures and consolidates with the movement to BYOx, we have the talent to keep ahead of workflow development. We're ahead of the curve and providing the solutions for organisations that understand what true mobility means.

ENTWRX really is enterprise at work.